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The Travel Nurse's Guide to This Holiday Season’s Hottest Deals

The Travel Nurse’s Guide to This Holiday Season’s Hottest Deals


As the holiday season approaches, our dedicated travel nurses and healthcare professionals deserve a well-earned break and the opportunity to treat themselves or find thoughtful gifts for their loved ones.

This year, the season brings not only festive cheer but also a plethora of enticing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. From essential gear that complements your on-the-go lifestyle to thoughtful gifts that add a touch of comfort during demanding schedules, the upcoming sales are poised to cater to the unique needs of healthcare heroes.

In this guide, we’ll navigate the sea of discounts, unveiling the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals tailor-made for travel nurses and healthcare professionals, ensuring you make the most of this season’s savings while treating yourself or finding the perfect gifts for colleagues and friends.


Here are some holiday shopping tips savvy shoppers swear by for scoring the best deals during the 2023 holiday season & beyond:

Plan your virtual shopping spree in advance

  • If you haven’t already made a shopping list or wish list, make one before you start your virtual shopping marathon. You can even make separate lists for “needs”, “nice to have”, or your holiday shopping list. Make sure you have a realistic budget in mind as well. The goal is to peruse the virtual store shelves with those items in mind so you don’t stray too far from your list or your budget.
  • Retail events like Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday create opportunities to finally treat yourself (or your loved ones) to some of those items on your list. However, remember that these sales events are also designed to make you impulse buy items on a whim, so shop responsibly! Most of us tend to stick closely to our budget with the big-ticket items, but are unpleasantly surprised to find how quickly all the small items in our cart add up!

Compare prices & offers across multiple retailers

  • The ubiquitous & convenient nature of Amazon can make us forget about other retailers who may beat Amazon’s offerings.
  • Use browser extensions like Honey or CamelCamelCamel to automatically find competitors’ pricing on the item you’re eyeing.
  • If the price is the same across multiple retailers, consider other factors – Which option has the most flexible return policy or the best consumer rewards program?

Now that we’ve prepared ourselves like the seasoned travel nurses/savvy shoppers we are, let’s start shopping AND saving.


Weekender Travel Bag

As much as we love a polished, matching luggage set for long trips and travel nursing assignments, it’s usually our smaller gym bag/duffel/overnight bags that see the most wear and tear throughout the year (or several years, if we’re being completely honest).  This weekender bag set that also includes a toiletry bag AND a designated wet bag for stowing damp swimsuits or gym clothes.

 At this discounted holiday price point ($20 – $30; varies by color) you can easily treat yourself AND your crew of fellow healthcare travelers to this versatile overnight bag for this year’s gift exchange festivities.



Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

While we’re on the topic of splurges you will quickly come to depend on, let’s talk about the fact that Apple Airpods are also on sale for 20% off this holiday weekend at many retailers. Listen to music or your favorite podcasts on commutes, plane rides, or even just walking down the hall during a much-needed snack break between patients. These aren’t just for fun -they’re functional, too. They work beautifully (and clearly) when used for phone calls or face timing with your friends back home while on assignment.

Live your best life this holiday season – snag a pair of Airpod Pro (2nd generation) headphones while they are still $80 off the retail price!



Weighted Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

With 9 different heat settings, this weighted neck and shoulder wrap is just what the seasoned travel nurse would prescribe to anyone who needs a backrub, a cozy blanket, or the feeling of a nice warm hug to help melt their winter woes away.

If all this isn’t enough to ease your holiday stress, Amazon’s 30% Black Friday discount on this stress relief essential should definitely do the trick.


This comforter set that looks & feels like sleeping in a cloud

pintucked comforter set_cream

While we’re on the subject of holiday gifts that bring warmth and comfort, we can’t stop daydreaming about this soft and elegant comforter set. Whether you’re a nurse that works day shift, night shift, or some crazy shift in-between – this luxurious comforter set can help get you to sleepy time in no time. The limited-time Black Friday 40% discount that Amazon is offering on top of the already affordable award-winning comforter lets you dream big while paying little (discount varies slightly across the 15 available color options).



Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses

Snag these iconic Ray-Ban Classic Aviator sunglasses for up to 36% off!

This is NOT a drill – most colors of these iconic and universally flattering Ray-Ban shades have been discounted to one of the lowest retail prices you’ll see all year, so give the gift of iconic eyewear to your loved one (or yourself) this holiday season!



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