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Destination Spotlight: West Virginia

Destination spotlight: west virginia


The state of West Virginia offers unique opportunities and experiences, both professionally and personally. The likelihood of enjoying a travel nursing assignment in West Virginia largely depends on your personal preferences, professional goals, and adaptability to different environments. However, many travel nurses find assignments in West Virginia to be rewarding for several reasons, while others might encounter challenges.

Taking a travel nursing assignment in West Virginia can be an appealing option for several reasons:

impactful work

Impactful work travel nurse _West Virginia

Nurses who are passionate about making a difference in underserved areas might find West Virginia particularly rewarding. The state's healthcare landscape includes rural and medically underserved regions where travel nurses can play a crucial role in delivering care to communities that need it most.

NAtural beauty & outdoor recreation

Beautiful Charlotte skyline on a cool day.

For nurses who enjoy outdoor activities, West Virginia's natural beauty offers a unique backdrop for adventures outside of work hours. The state's mountains, rivers, and forests provide ample opportunities for hiking, biking, white-water rafting, and more, which can be a significant draw for nature-loving nurses.


Friendly and Welcoming Communities

The state is known for its warm hospitality. Travel nurses often find themselves welcomed into communities with open arms, making it easier to adjust to new surroundings and feel at home during their assignments.

Explore these neighborhoods: 

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Opportunity for Professional Growth

This beautiful waterfall is along the famous Fiery Gizzard Trail near Tracy

Given the variety of healthcare settings and the state's more recent focus on addressing its underserved population amidst the state’s challenging healthcare shortages, travel nurses working in West Virginia have a unique opportunity for significant professional development, learning, and growth.

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Affordable cost of living

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While West Virginia is typically not ranked as one of the highest-paying states for travel nurses, residents living here reap the benefit of a relatively low cost of living due to the Mountain State’s predominantly rural landscape. This can make it easier for travel nurses to maximize their earnings, as housing and daily expenses may be more affordable – especially for those travel nurses who have already become accustomed to the higher cost of living expenses in their own hometown or during recent assignments in more heavily populated cities and tourist towns.

Attractions: The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, Cass Scenic Railroad, Harpers Ferry ghost tours

Challenges Some Travel Nurses Might Face:

rural settings

Nurses who prefer urban environments might find the rural nature of many assignments in West Virginia less appealing. Rural settings can mean fewer amenities and social activities, which might not suit everyone's lifestyle.

limited healthcare resources

In some areas of the Mountain State, the healthcare infrastructure may face challenges, including limited resources or understaffed facilities. This situation can put additional pressure on travel nurses, although it also emphasizes the importance of their role.

slower paced lifestyle 

Adapting to the slower pace of life and the unique cultural aspects of West Virginia might take time for some travel nurses, especially those from more urban or diverse backgrounds.

Still on the fence? 

Ultimately, travel nurses’ enjoyment of assignments in West Virginia can vary based on individual preferences and priorities. Those who strive in chaos or simply prefer urban settings with a fast-paced lifestyle might find it more challenging to adjust to the more relaxed pace of living in Appalachia. On the other hand, those who value impactful work in community-oriented settings and enjoy natural beauty tend to find West Virginia a fulfilling place for travel assignments.


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