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Nurse Spotlight: Me'Asia Edwards, RN

Advantage Medical Professionals Travel Nurse Spotlight: Me’Asia Edwards, RN


Nurses Week is a yearly celebration beginning on May 6th and ending on May 12th that honors the nursing profession. Advantage Medical Professionals celebrates each day of Nurses Week by turning the spotlight on one of our very own healthcare heroes! Read on to learn more about Me’Asia Edwards, RN.


Did you know you wanted to travel as a nurse when you were in nursing school?

No, I never thought about travel nursing while I was in school. I just knew I wanted to be a nurse and help as many people as possible.


If you weren’t a Med/Surg nurse, what other specialty do you feel you’d enjoy?

I think I would enjoy Oncology.


What has been your favorite travel nursing assignment so far, and what did you like most about it?

My favorite assignment has been the Ochsner Main campus in New Orleans. My coworkers make me feel like I’m part of the staff. I’ve learned so much already from them!


What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to be either a lawyer or a nurse when I was growing up.


What is one food you can eat and never get sick of?

Sushi! I can’t live without it. I eat it even when I’m on vacation in other places.



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