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Nurse Spotlight: Jeanette Ferrington, RN

Advantage Medical Professionals Nurse Spotlight: Jeanette Ferrington, RN


Nurses Week is a yearly celebration beginning on May 6th and ending on May 12th that honors the nursing profession. Advantage Medical Professionals celebrates each day of Nurses Week by turning the spotlight on one of our very own healthcare heroes! Read on to learn more about Jeanette Ferrington, RN.



What are three words that would describe you?

I will describe myself as compassionate, caring, and dedicated to my patients.



You were actually retired for a few months when you decided to start travel nursing with us – what sparked that decision for you?

Just before I retired, I began regretting my decision to retire as I would not have a job. I had recently met two Advantage nurses, Melanie and Misty. They both encouraged me to try travel nursing as they loved it. I thought that I was too old to do travel nursing, but they made it happen. Now here I am and I’m loving it.



Who has been your biggest inspiration within the nursing profession?

I was taking art lessons from a retired nurse, and she became my hero and my best friend. Her name was Camille.



What would you say to someone pursuing a career in nursing?

I tell anyone considering nursing to go for it. Do it, just do it. You are never too old or too late – I was forty years old when I started nursing school. I will be eighty years old on June 16th, and I’ve had a very rewarding career.



What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

My biggest achievement is still being mentally and physically able to do the job that I love.




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