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A Letter to Our Nurses

A Letter to Our Nurses: Nurses Week 2023


First and foremost, I want to send a personal heartfelt thank you to all the nurses working with Advantage Medical Professionals. I am grateful for your bravery, compassion, and sacrifices throughout this past year and always.

The theme for National Nurses Week/Month for 2023 was “You Make a Difference.” The Advantage Medical Professionals team is indebted to each of you for your unwavering commitment to making a difference. Every shift you go to someone’s bed, home, or location and make a difference in their lives. Just being there makes a difference.

Being a nurse makes you part of the largest healthcare profession in the United States. It takes a village to care for patients, but only the nurses are there 24 hours a day. The nurse is one who recognizes the change in vital signs or altered orientation. The nurse is the one who guarantees the patient gets their blood pressure medication or their breathing treatment. The nurse is the one who keeps the hospice patient’s family informed. If you forget that you make a difference – just think about all the things you did on your last shift. Without you, healthcare would be a scary encounter. This past year, we have had nurses who saved a life in the emergency room, delivered a baby in a correctional facility, and saved a child’s life in a parking lot. You may not have been involved in that kind of incident, but you too need to be proud of the job you do. Nursing is the most trusted profession because it reflects our daily values of making a difference.

As your Director of Nursing and co-professional, I appreciate everything you do. I thank you for every shift you accept, every medication you give, and every hand you hold. Thank you for working with us.


Angela Totora


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