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Nurses Week 2021 - A Message From Our DON

Nurses Week 2021 – A Message From Our DON

This being our week, Nurse Week 2021, I want to send a personal heartfelt thank you to all of the nurses working with Advantage Medical Professionals. I am grateful for your bravery, compassion and sacrifices throughout this past year and always.

2020 was a challenging year. We as nurses have shown over and over again what we are made of. You have spent endless hours in isolation gowns, N-95 masks, goggles and gloves, simply to remain at the bedside of your patients. You have missed lunch and even going to the bathroom because your patient didn’t want to be alone. You have stepped up when the facility asked you to float to the ICU even though you have never worked that unit before. You watched the facility management department make reverse isolation rooms out of window AC units and huge tubes hanging in your patient’s rooms. Most challenging was watching the COVID-19 patients miss their families and struggle to make it to discharge. The nurses of 2020 can most definitely say “I made a difference.”

For all of these actions, and so many more, I thank each and every one of you. You make the Advantage reputation strong, you make nursing a true profession, and you make me proud to have you as one of us. Thank you for accepting those critical care contracts. Thank you for going in through all of the hurricanes and rain storms. Thank you for taking the COVID patients when the staff nurses needed a break. Thank you for renewing those contracts over and over when the facilities needed you there.  Thank you for being willing to try something new when we asked you to consider a school or corrections shift. You have made an irrefutable impact on all the lives you touch. Thank you for being who you are. With all of my heart and respect, THANK YOU!