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Nursing Shortage Challenges and Solutions | Learn More

Advantage Medical Professionals Provides Solution-based Approach to Healthcare Staffing Shortages

Recently, 1 in 3 hospitals reported a nurse vacancy rate greater than 10 percent, and the turnover rate for nurses ranges from 9 percent to 37 percent across the United States. * While the COVID-19 pandemic is often cited as the catalyst for the shortage of nurses and other healthcare workers, it’s becoming apparent that the pandemic only exacerbated what was already (and still is) a strained situation affecting the healthcare infrastructure across the United States over the last decade.

The biggest drivers of this shortage are the growing elderly patient population and the increased professional burnout rate among nurses and clinicians. When COVID turned the already strained situation into a dire one with no foreseeable end in sight, it proved to be the last straw for many nurses who made (and are continuing to make) the tough decision to leave their staff jobs for travel nursing or quitting nursing entirely to pursue less demanding career paths.

Long story short, keeping hospitals and other healthcare facilities adequately staffed proves to be an ongoing battle for most healthcare systems.


Travel Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Continue to Fulfill Vital Roles in Healthcare Systems


The ongoing nursing shortage, coupled with the drastically inflated cost of medical equipment and staff throughout the last year, still makes for a highly stressful situation for hospital staff and administrators.


Temporary healthcare staffers play a critical role in helping healthcare providers maintain the safety and well-being of their patients and staff by mitigating the many scheduling challenges health providers face:


  • Scheduling support during periods of increased PTO volume (summer & winter holiday seasons)
  • Scheduling support during peak Flu/COVID/RSV season
  • Fill short-term disability gaps (maternity/family leave/medical leave)
  • Temporary fills gaps during the hiring process of permanent staff replacement
  • Anticipate and quickly react to volatile census changes
  • Add experienced nurses to your current workforce


Advantage Medical Professionals Provides Healthcare Facilities with Staffing Solutions and Support

Working with a healthcare staffing agency should feel like a partnership. We work to provide a consultative approach to help hospitals and healthcare providers improve patient outcomes, workplace safety, and scheduling efficiency.

Based on the facility’s unique needs and challenges of a healthcare facility, we strive to anticipate needs and proactively (rather than reactively) provide staffing solutions.


Our Mission: Connecting quality healthcare professionals to achieve exceptional patient care.

  • Focus on patient and clinician safety
  • Dedicated team of experienced Client Service Specialists and Account Managers
  • Our Travel Division is a Joint Commission Certified Healthcare Staffing Service
  • Solution-based, consultative approach to maximize scheduling efficiencies
  • Our commitment to only working with carefully selected, quality clinicians make all the difference. Don’t just take our word for it – take it from our client testimonials.


Facilities We Service:

  • Hospitals/Acute Care Facilities
  • LTAC
  • Rehab
  • Behavioral Health
  • Schools
  • Jails/Correctional Facilities


Staffing Solutions We Offer:

  • Travel clinicians
    • Long-term contract (typically 8-13 weeks)
  • Local clinicians
    • Long-term contract (typically 8-13 weeks)
  • Per Diem/PRN Staffing
  • Workplace Staffing
    • Schools
    • Correctional systems/Jails


Services We Offer:

  • Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LVN/LPN)
  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)
  • Allied Health Professionals:
    • Respiratory Therapists (CRT, RRT)
    • Surgical Technologists (CST)
    • Sterile Processing Techs (SP TECH)
    • Medical Lab Techs (ML TECH)

Visit our Client Services page or connect with our team today to learn more about our full suite of staffing solutions!

Discover the solution to healthcare staffing shortages with Advantage Medical Professionals. Get staffing support and solutions tailored to your facility’s needs. Improve patient care, safety, and scheduling efficiency. Partner with us for exceptional healthcare staffing. Contact us today!